Adhoc is realizing the first cooperative housing project in Luxembourg on the Kirchberg.

What means cohousing?

A cohousing project has the goal of making life in a good neighbourhood possible. All flatmates have their own enclosed living areas. However, many tasks of daily life are solved together: common rooms are meeting places for discussions, activities and exchange; children’s areas offer play possibilities also inside the house; a common launderette or the offer of car-sharing in the house saves money and resources; a coworking area makes working at home possible. The residents get to know each other before moving in and can thus reliably decide whether the neighbourhood and project meet their own wishes and needs.

Living in the cooperative

In a co-operative housing project, the future residents decide on many things themselves. For example: how big are the apartments, what standards do they have, how will they be built, how will everyone live together? Residents and retailers will rent apartments or commercial spaces. They do not become owners. The cooperative is the owner which finances the construction project. The tenants must be members of the cooperative, acquire their right of residence through a deposit and pay a user fee based on a cost allocation. For example, a co-operative housing project guarantees that only the actual costs incurred will be allocated as rent. The cooperative does not make a profit. And all roommates have the highest possible right of co-determination in all things that affect their place of residence. More on the cooperative page.

The cooperative on the Réimerwee

The plans for the residential project on Réimerwee provide a number of different components. Amongst other things:

  • up to 35 apartments – some are still available
  • including shared flat for up to 8 people
  • bistro for residents and for guests
  • coworking-space with a focus on creative professions
  • a small stage
  • a greenhouse on the roof for food supply
  • several guest apartments
  • several apartments specially prepared for the elderly
  • an apartment for artists or media professionals in temporary residence
  • living space for business purpose communities
  • common room, workroom, cold storage, bicycle storage, …
  • own carsharing vehicles

For all those who want to join, you can find the current dates for the next meetings on this page. The Participation page provides information on becoming a member of the Réimerwee initiative. You will find more information about how to find an apartment on the cooperative page.

More details about living at Réimerwee

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The aim of the housing project is to establish a close social network between the residents and interested people from all over the Kirchberg area. Joint activities, lively communication and involvement in the district create a livable environment. Anonymity in a new-built district without creative stimuli is replaced by stable community life. The intensive and varied exchange promotes the stability of living together and contributes to creating an attractive living environment. Not only do people enjoy living here, they also have a certain attraction for outsiders.

Incentives for ecologically living, working and consuming have a high priority at Réimerwee. This will be reflected, for example, in the corresponding equipment of the building with resource-saving energy supply. Numerous community facilities – from the common fridge to a shared kitchen and a central laundry room, a bicycle garage and a carsharing – help to reduce infrequently used living space. This saves building materials, little-used living space and, not least, provides the future residents with economic relief.

Community living describes an important part of a living environment. However, it can only develop its full effect when it is combined with other areas of life. This is why Réimerwee also integrates projects of community work, joint cultural activities and a joint gastronomic offer. All these activities are open to the outside world. In this way, a network can be created with different actors which has an effect on the shaping of private needs. Adhoc thus creates an attractive quarter on Kirchberg, which not only promotes a stable living environment. It is also a centre of attraction for people who feel comfortable creating a community with others.