No cohousing project on Kirchberg at present


After five years of planning, weekly group meetings and around 200,000 euros of investment in project preparation, the Kirchberg Fund and the Ministry of Infrastructure (Ministère de la Mobilité et des Travaux) have withdrawn their commitment to allocate a plot of land to the non-profit housing association Adhoc. This means that Adhoc’s fully developed concept of communal, social and cost-effective living cannot be implemented as planned at Reimerwée. This instance is more than disappointing for the residents of the 25 planned apartments.

This is especially true for some of the elder project members who had hoped to find affordable accommodation in a familiar community on Reimerwée for their retirement.  Adhoc now has the task of finding a new project location. In addition to the loss of upfront investments, this will probably also result in a significant time lag.

The cooperative is sticking to its goals of countering the sprawling housing market with its extremely rising prices with a socially acceptable and cost-saving model of communal living. It remains to be seen whether the originally planned property on Reimerwée in Kirchberg will be awarded as part of a tender, and whether this tender will be aimed at investors or as part of a so-called concept procedure for residential projects. (R. Scheibel)