Adhoc members are people who are committed to a new way of living. They all see many opportunities to fill residential quarters with more life again and to really feel at home in their own apartment. This includes being able to meet friends in the neighborhood and not having to travel long distances to get to work or leisure activities.

Are these values that you also think are good? Do you think new forms of living are important and worthy of support? Would you perhaps even like to live in a housing project yourself? Is communal living in Luxembourg an option for you?

Then you should become a part of Adhoc!

As a member, you support the work of Adhoc for socially networked, livable and affordable residential neighborhoods in Luxembourg. For this, it is not necessary that you want to live in a project yourself. And if you do, you decide to play an active role in shaping your future home and the community within it. This does not require any expertise, but simply the willingness to participate.

And this is how your admission works:

  • Inform yourself about the Adhoc statutes and charter
  • In the case of membership questions, talk to Simone or Elisabeth of the committee.
  • Fill out our form and mail or email it to

The board of Adhoc Habitat Participatif s.c. SIS will then review the application and decide on admission. Until then you are a provisional member. Adhoc is looking forward to you!

The Adhoc blog will be happy to keep you informed about important news on new forms of housing, as well as dates and events.

If you want to be up to date, subscribe to the Adhoc newsletter. With it you will find out everything worth knowing even before it goes online on the homepage.