The Adhoc cohousing cooperative aims to promote new forms of housing and to establish cohousing projects. It provides its members with living space that meets high standards of social coexistence. The buildings are constructed according to ecological criteria. Housing costs are significantly below the market level.

The members of Adhoc are involved in the planning of their residential buildings and in the organization of living together. In this way, Adhoc also meets the demand for a high degree of participation. As part of its work, the non-profit cohousing cooperative advises interested parties on the possibilities for establishing cohousing projects. It informs the public and decision-makers about all aspects of new forms of cohousing – for example, about the benefits that arise from the strong social impact of housing projects. And about the fact that communal forms of cohousing bring with them significant cost-saving effects.

Cedric Metez - Sekretär Adhoc habitat participatif s.c. S.I.S.
Cedric Metz – President of Adhoc

The Adhoc Cohousing Cooperative is a non-profit organization. Its objectives are recognized as eligible by the Ministry of Social Economy in Luxembourg. This excludes Adhoc from making any economic profit. None of the cooperative members receive dividends, interest or other economic benefits. Adhoc achieves the goal of non-profit status by exclusively generating a social return through the benefits of communal living. Achieving an economic return through financial gain or speculation is excluded.

The cooperative has defined tasks, goals and values ​​in its statute and charter.

On the way to the cohousing project

At present, Adhoc is creating the conditions for setting up its first cohousing project. The main task here is first of all to promote understanding of the advantages of new forms of cohousing among politicians, the general public and all interested parties. In Luxembourg, the establishment of a housing project primarily requires political support. Otherwise, the realization of socially oriented forms of housing is hardly possible, since the Luxembourg housing market is currently determined exclusively by economic goals.

See the cohousing project page to learn more about this form of community living.

Adhoc Wohngenossenschaft Luxemburg

Community Living in Luxembourg

To become a co-habitant in the Adhoc cooperative, you can first find out about the goals and design of the cohousing complex and about communal living on the project page.

It is good if you are already a member of Adhoc. If not, submit your application now. Then you have the right to have a say in the development of the project. If your application is accepted and the project residents agree to the admission, the contribution to the cooperative is to be paid in. By paying in the deposit, you acquire a right to live there. You can get one of the available apartments. After moving in, residents contribute to the costs actually incurred for the apartment with the monthly usage fee. These costs are recalculated annually by the cooperative based on the expenses incurred.

This brief overview explains only the most important steps. Find out your own wishes and ask your questions directly to Adhoc via

We regularly add information about cohousing and Adhoc on this homepage.

Adhoc cohousing cooperative
Picnic at Adhoc


Adhoc members are people who are committed to a new way of living. They want to refill residential neighborhoods with more life again and really feel at home in their own apartment.

If you yourself want to be a part of an Adhoc cohousing project, you can find out more about cooperative life, the admission process and the requirements for obtaining an apartment on the members’ page.

And here you can go straight to the application form application

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