Adhoc Habitat participatif s.c. is the first housing cooperative in Luxembourg.

The aim of a cooperative is the economic and / or social promotion of its members by a joint business operation, without being on economic profit.

In this sense, the housing cooperative aims to provide its members with living space by securing rent without speculative considerations.

The cooperative has defined tasks, goals and values ​​in its statute and charter.

Finding an appartment

To become a roommate in the Adhoc Cooperative, you should gather information by browsing the Réimerwee project page and find out about the goals and the design of the housing estate, as well as the community housing. Visiting an information event will then be the first personal contact.

Anyone who has decided to become part of the housing cooperative will apply for membership. If this is accepted and the project residents consent to the admission, the contribution is to be paid into the cooperative. This is a prerequisite to receive the right to live in an apartment. After moving in, the residents participate with the monthly usage fee to the actual costs for the apartment. These costs are recalculated annually by the cooperative on the basis of the expenses incurred.

This short overview explains only the most important steps. You can find the dates for information meetings in the events section. Questions can be asked via

We regularly supplement information about living, about Adhoc and about the project Réimerwee on this homepage.


Are you interested in becoming a member of our cooperative, do you consider our projects worthwhile or do you even want to become part of one of our housing projects yourself?

Here‘s how to apply for membership in the housing cooperative Adhoc Habitat Participatif s.c.