ADHOC – Cohousing

Adhoc is the first non-profit housing cooperative in Luxembourg. Its aim is to promote new forms of housing and to develop cohousing projects. The cooperative provides its members with living space that meets high standards of social coexistence. The buildings are constructed according to ecological criteria. Housing costs are significantly below the market level.

The members of Adhoc are involved in the planning of their residential buildings and in the organisation of life together. In this way, Adhoc also fulfils the demand for a high degree of participation. As part of its work, the non-profit housing cooperative advises interested parties on the possibilities for founding cohousing projects. It informs the public and decision-makers about all aspects of new forms of cohousing – for example, about the advantages resulting from the strong social impact of cohousing projects. And about the fact that communal forms of cohousing have significant cost-saving effects.

In the section on cohousing projects you will find more on the topic of communal living.

In the membership section you can find out more about the organisation of the non-profit housing cooperative Adhoc.

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